The Beginnings of Sharing a Vision for Generations

Sharing a Vision for Generations was founded in 2003 by a group of Kansas City women who had been traveling to Pine Ridge Reservation since 1996, working with Lakota women to find a way to support their dreams. The organization came into being to provide scholarships to Native American Indian women attending Oglala Lakota College.  We were given our name by a Lakota Elder, Marie Randal.  The Iroquois Nation is credited with the saying, "In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation..."

In 2019, the Sharing a Vision for Generations Endowment Fund was established at Oglala Lakota College.

Thank you to all the volunteers and donors who supported SAV through the years.

Janine Joslin, President

Janine was one of the founding board members of SAV in 2003.  Her background includes an MA in Heritage Preservation, Director of Chieftains Museum, Director of the Kansas Preservation Alliance.  Currently she runs a snack food company in Kansas City.


Ann Schultis 

Ann is a librarian at Park University, and has been interested in Indian education since she was an undergraduate at Cornell College.  She worked at the University of Texas at San Antonio and the University of Texas at El Paso.  Ann joined the Board of Directors in 2006.  


Valerie Doran Bashaw

​Ana Royal, Secretary

Ana was born and raised in Germany and became aware of American Indians through her older brother who made bows and arrows, Indian-fashion, and taught her to use them.  After immigrating to the US, Ana enjoyed attending powwows and Indian art fairs and began to study American Indian tribes.  In 1998, she joined a groups of volunteers visiting Pine Ridge Reservation in SD.  She is a founding member of SAV.  Ana works as a Realtor.


Carol Getty, Treasurer

Dr. Carol Getty taught criminal justice at Park University for 14 yrs and retired in 2011 as Professor Emeritus.  Prior careers include serving as Regional Commissioner of the N Central Region of the US Parole Commission and as Chair of the Commission in DC.  Carol was one of the founding members of SAV.


Advisory Board
Terrill Petri, Kansas City, MO
Lou Ann Backer-Skeele, Buena Vista, CO
Vivian Rice, Colorado Springs, CO
Ruth Laughlin, Kansas City, MO
Sharing a Vision for Generations is an all volunteer organization.  With very little overhead most of your donation goes directly to scholarships.

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