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Photos from graduation powwows and other activities through the years.


   By investing in the education of Native American women, you make it possible for them to gain the skills and training they need to work their way out of poverty.  But they don't stop there, Native Peoples place such a high value on family and community, these women also work to improve their communities.



To provide economic assistance to American Indian women pursuing higher education.



To encourage and support American Indian women to pursue their dreams and contribute to the preservation of their culture, heritage, and community.


You can continue to grow the SAV Endowment at OLC by donating online at this website or by sending your donation to:

Marilyn Pourier, Director of Development

Oglala Lakota College

PO Box 490

Kyle, SD 57752-0490

Please make a note that the funds are for the SAV Endowment Fund

Get Involved

The Sharing A Vision Scholarship is theone of the only scholarship available to students in the Graduate Lakota Leadership/Management Degree program at OLC. Graduates of this degree program are working at high levels across the reservation and wherever they live.

Ana Royal, Sandy White Shield former Admin Graduate Dept., Janine Joslin, Dr. Carol Getty, Ann Schultis

​   Scholarship School

Oglala Lakota College  is located on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  The college has nine satellite campuses across the reservation for  easier access for the remote communities.


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